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  • About me

    Originally from Florida and have now been living here for about 2 years :)
  • My Drink

    Boozicles: Archers
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My Description

  • Hair Colour

  • Skin Type

  • Skin Tone

  • Eye Colour

  • Makeup Style

    Smokey eye - all day, every day
  • Favourite beauty product: I can't live without this product

    Cloud Nine Flat Iron
  • Favourite Beauty Product: I wouldn't die, but I would suffer greatly without this product

    My bonded hair extensions
  • Favourtie Beauty Product: Without this product, I'd have to start drinking at noon

    Anything Essence!
  • My Beauty Horror Story

    Too horrible to even mention :(
  • My Celebrity Twin

    Conan O' Brien
    Gross, I don't know
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Friday, 11 May 2012 12:20
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